Monday, 20 February 2017

New Years Army update

With one of the new year armies almost finished I thought I'd show off one of my Kill Teams.

This force features 4 Rubric Marines, an Aspiring Sorcerer and to accompany them a Rhino equipped with combi-bolter and Havoc Launcher.

The force is very small in number, but packs a hell of a punch!

With each Rubricae dealing rapid firing  shots at AP 3, they are more than a match for other power armoured foes. With the Aura of Dark Glory special rule giving them a +5 Invulnerable save, coupled with their Mark of Tzeentch rule, this gives them a fantastic +4 Invulnerable save,perfect for surviving the close confines in Kill Team missions!

The chance to use a Sorcerer in the game is one not to be missed either as he can dish out potent physic powers with little to stand in his way! To have a pysker in a Kill Team game is lethal!

Using these miniatures as a tester for the rest of the army, I decided to base them in Retributor army, then after a second coating gave the whole miniature a wash of Reiksland wash. after leaving them for a number of hours i went back over the gold in a Army painter greedy gold. Once the armour was complete, next was to block colour in the blue on the models.

Using Ultramarine's blue as a layer first, Thousand Sons blue was then applied over the top, this is then followed by a extreme highlith of Ahriman blue. Next up was the guns which was base coated Gun Metal , then given a wash of Strong Tone, then dry brushed with both Chainmail, then Mithril,

Next was the jem stones found on some of the models, which was given a lick of white paint, followed with a a light wash of green ink, along with the eye lenses

Whilst I'm on the subject of Thousand Sons, I thought Id show some progress on the main man himself, Magnus the Red.

The rest of the army is coming along nicely and will be up on here soon.

More to come!

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