Friday, 6 January 2017

New start

Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

Its been many a moon since my last blog, for which I do apologise.

With the advent of a new year,  I have begun work on another Chaos force, this time under the cyclopean stare of Magnus the Red.

The Thousand Sons have always appealed to me, with some units showing up in my old Black Legion army lists. This time around however, and with the advent of the fantastic miniatures from Games Workshop, I'v elected to do a whole army based on the Sons of Magnus.

Perhaps my favorite single miniature of 2016, the massively impressive  form of the Crimson King himself. This is a hell of a model, standing almost as tall as a Renegade Knight, this behemoth dominates the battlefield in a superb show of Tzeentch personified. This was bought for me as a present by my lovely wife, who deserves all the credit for it! With him as my centre piece, I have begun adding to the force, with Rubric Marines firmly at the forefront.

Aside from all things 40k, I will be sprucing a small collection of The Lord of the Rings Uruk Hai. These have always had a special place in my heart ever since they came o life on the big screen. The force is a combination of Scouts and Fighing Uruk Hai, backed up with Saruman and Lurts, along with an elite cadre of Berserkers for that added punch. I aim to get the force up to 1,000 with the addition of some Uruks with Crossbows, some Orcs to bulk out the numbers and a Isengard Troll or two.But before all that, I'd best get them painted!

So with those two projects of mine currently on the bench...what work do I have? Well since I now do commission painting, I have recently completed a foce of Ghar for use in the Warlord Games system, Beyond the Gates of Antares for a customer. Also on the bench are a force of Zulu British, and some Walking Dead miniatures.

So...whats next in terms of this blog? Well the aim is to produce at least two articles a month, with a couple of special editions ones thrown in for good measure. This will also coincide with the launch of House Lancaster Gaming's website and YouTube channel later this watch out for that ;)

What new force or project are you fine folk currently working on? I wold love to see what happening so feel free to share on the Facebook page!

Thanks for sticking around folks, and keep checking back for more! You can contact me on here, or at the links below:






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