Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A Thousand Sons

Well after a long while, her is my freshly painted Thousand Sons army!

Led by the impressive figure of Magnus the Red, and backed up by 30 Rubricae, a Dreadnought and Ahriman this is a force built purely around the Thousand Sons themselves.

Eventually I  may add some of the Tzeentch Kairic Acolytes  from Age of Sigmar as cultists, as those miniatures would fit in very nicely, but overall I wanted the indomitable Rubricae to take center stage. These miniatures are fantastic looking, an look resplendent in the blue and gold.

The force features a 10 man squad with Warpflamers, all mounted in a Rhino armed with a havoc launcher.  They will race across the battlefield and hold an objective from the enemy, burning any foe foolish enough to come close with their war charged flamers and the Aspiring sorcerers psychic might. The havoc launcher will provide supporting fire with its racks of missiles and combi-bolter, also providing physical cover should they need it.

Next up are two squads of 10 Rubricae and 11 Rubricae, all armed with Inferno Boltguns, whilst both Sorcerers have hand Warpflamers. The Boltguns are dishing out S 4 AP 3 Rapid Fire shots whilst the Warpflame weapons have the ability to do more damage or go the other way and grant the enemy Feel No Pain!

The accompanying Dreadnought is armed with a twin-linked lascannon and missile launcher, giving some much needed heavy support to the advancing infantry.

 To top off this light army, Magnus the Red and Ahriman were a must! To have these two iconic villains marching and fighting together once more was an opportunity not to be missed!

Next up for the army will be some of the Tzaangors as more fodder for the enemy guns, and a horde of converted Acolytes as mentioned earlier, with a Predator or two to round off the force. This army is intended to work alongside my other Chaos forces, of which more shall be revealed in time for the 40k End Times, afterall the Age of the Emperor is coming.

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