Wednesday, 17 February 2016

House Lancaster Launch Event

So in a break from the usual articles, I though Id feature my local gaming group. House Lancaster Gaming Group meets fortnightly where all manner of board games, war games and card games are played each week. Our tastes are very broad, and to showcase this I put on a launch
event to entice new players into many different systems.

Beyond the Gates of Antares is one of my favourite game systems, and I wanted to showcase the game as best as possible! For this I brought along two forces made up from the Xilos Horizon starter set,

As well as this, a smaller demo game was also set aside, with two squads of Concord taking on two of the Ghar. In the first game the Ghar died on the second turn! Some very poor rolling on my part there!

Alongside this, a Judge Dredd table was set aside for those wishing to dispense street justice!  For the game, a 600pts Fatties gang went toe to belly wheel against the Justice Department, with the Judges holding their own (just) against several tons of blubber!

Hawk Wargames was also on show in the form of Dropzone Commander, with two impressive forces fighting over a vast cityscape.

 As well as games of 40k, Terminator, Mars Attacks and Batman: The Miniatures Game, the night was a great success, with more member’s joining the group, and instilling a real sense of diversity or game systames within the group. Our next aim is to put on a few demonstration games at the Lancaster comic Con (link here), including one massive themed table, participation games and a Tank War battle royal!

More information on House Lancaster can be found on our Facebook page

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Warlord Webcast 8

The latest show in the series, where we talk with Peter from TalkWargaming about his project to raise £500 for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. There is also a prize or two!

More information can be found here:

Warlord Webcast 7

Our fist show of the new year.

Warlord Webcast 6

Our end of year Christmas special! With hats!!!

Warlord Webcast 5

This episode deals with Miniature Wargaming the movie, where we ask questions, talked about the Kickstarter and the project in general.

Warlord Webcast 4

The long awaited launch of Beyond the Gates of Antares: The Xilos Horizon

Warlord Webcast 3

Title speaks for itself!

Warlord Webcast Number 1/2

Here is the first in our series of webcasts, with myself, Andy Singleton owner of Volley Fire Painting and Richard Dando of Warlord Games. Each episode involves us talking about the week in Warlord, current projects and future plans and anything else that comes to mind!

Monday, 8 February 2016


Welcome all to my new site where all articles that have been published appear! These highlight all my recent and past work, so feel free to have a good nosey!

Starting with the more recent article about my Russians on the Warlord Games website:

Sam Phillips BA Russian 4

Over the next few days more and more will be going up, including original writing and musing on the hobby exclusively on this blog. Enjoy!

Kings of War Kickstarter

A while ago I wrote this piece on Beasts of War, still need to get myself a ogre army! Which will happen and who may end up on here!

Kings of War Battlefield

Hail Caesar Intoduction: Syrian and Canaanites

A very brief introduction to these ancient peoples.


Unit Profile: US Pathfinders

I think I can pull of this haircut...anyway here is the historical account of these brave men who established drop zones, light for aircraft to find and other deeds.



Profile: Michael Wittman

One of the greatest (if not...the greatest) tank aces of the war.

Michael Wittman


Russian female Snipers

A brief historical account of these brave and tenacious women snipers.

Lyudmila Pavlichenko Soviet Female Sniper

Russian Female Snipers

Profile: Otto Skorzeny

One of the best snipers in the world, here is a brief history of the man.

Otto Skorzeny

Otto Skorzeny
The follow up to the first one! Here I talk more about the races of the Antarean universe.


Beasts of War: Beyond the Gates of Antares: Primer into the game

A short little piece that I did for Beasts a while back, I have plenty more in the pipeline, just need the time to get them done!

Gates of Antares Art

Primer into Antares

History: The Marder

Another historical piece on the Marder series.



Pike and Shotte: Musketeers and Firelocks

A profile of the weapons and the men that carried them.


Musketeers and Pikemen

Beyond the Gates of Antares: Three player battle report, Part Two

The second installment in the large scale battle!

Part Deux

Beyond the Gates of Antares: Three player battle report, Part One

As the title suggests, a massive battle between the Algoryn, Concord and Boromites!

Goa Logo

Part One

Termintor Genisys: Escalating The Game

In this final part, we look at what is next in the game, how much stuff can we use and how long will it effect the game. We used two boxes and some extra metal miniatures, this was a battle and a half!

Terminator Battle 5


Following all the Terminator goodness, here is a link to show you how you too can escale the game!

Escalate with more stuff!

Terminator Genisys: Infiltrate!

This is a fun little game to get you into the spirit of Terminator.

Terminator Infiltrator Scenario1


Terminator Genisys: Hold your Ground

This is the second scenario of the Terminator book, and was a lot of fun!.

Hold your Ground

Terminator Scenario2 Hold The Line 2015-07-29 09.10.19

Terminator Genisys: First Impressions

This series focused on our experiences of the River Horse game, and how we progressed through it. My Terminator forces have grown abit since then!

This is our un-boxing of the game and are own thoughts.

Terminator: First Impressions

Judge Dredd: The Barko Brothers

The first game I ever had, so long ago now it seems! Will be doing another much larger battle report soon...keeps your eyes peeled!


Dredd Barko Brothers Battle Report

History: Raupenschlepper OST (RSO) Tractor

These are great look vehicles, and would fit right in with some pulp gaming as well!


Platoon Guide: T34/76 Medium Tank

One in a series of profiles of tanks during WW2, These are designed to giv you some hints and tips in your games of Bolt Action and Tank War.


Platoon Guide: M4 Sherman Medium Tank

One in a series of profiles of tanks during WW2, These are designed to giv you some hints and tips in your games of Bolt Action and Tank War.

Sherman Column

Platoon Guide: T34/85 Medium Tank

One in a series of profiles of tanks during WW2, These are designed to giv you some hints and tips in your games of Bolt Action and Tank War.


Platoon Guide: Panther AUSF A

One in a series of profiles of tanks during WW2, These are designed to giv you some hints and tips in your games of Bolt Action and Tank War.


Platoon Guide: Panzer IV

One in a series of profiles of tanks during WW2, These are designed to giv you some hints and tips in your games of Bolt Action and Tank War.
Panzer IVH in village

Panzer IV

Profile: Simone Segouin

This courageous young fighter epitomises the Resistance against the Germans in WW2.


Simone Segouin

Profile: Major John Frost

Another in the profile series.

John Frost

The Ox and Bucks WW2

Following on from John Howard comes the regiment he was apart of, the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry.


Ox and Bucks

Profile: Major John Howard

The title speaks for itself, one of the greatest heroes of the Second World War.


John Howard

The Roman Soldier

The warriors of Rome are many and varied, this article talks about the Imperial Roman Legionaries,  their formation and tactics.


Imperial Roman Legionaries

The Battle for Pegasus Bridge

One of the most famous engagements of the war, and one of which Warlord Games does a very nice set for! My own will see the light of day soon, possibly at our local comic con...


Battle for Pegasus Bridge

Soviet Naval Brigade

The Bronekater that Warlord Games produces is a fantastic model, and is a real joy to behold when on the battlefield! I will be doing a follow up article to this, where I have built my own force based on the Black Death.


Soviet Naval Brigade

Roman War Machines

Rome, one of the greatest empires that has ever existed, and these weapons partly attest as to why!


Romes Weapons of War

WW2 Battle for Arnhem

This features one of my favorite forces both in the Bolt Action Game and in real life, the Paras. By all means not a full account of what happened, but hopefully there is enough here to get you interested. With the release of the Duel in the Sun book, you can now field parachute and glider platoons, perfect for relaying these epic battles.



German Grenadiers

In this piece I take a look at the differing types of Grenadiers in the German army of WW2, from early to late war. The German plastic Grenadiers are easily one of the best kits on the market and can also be used to represent the SS.


German Grenadiers

British Napoleonic Artillery

Another love of mine is the Napoleonic era, the sound of the cannons, mortars and rockets on the battlefield must have been something to behold!


British Artillery

First foray into Beyond the Gates of Antares

Ah yes, the first which I am now hooked! A fantastic game and one that is set to be around for a very long time. This was played in one of our locals, and did not take up too much time at all. A great into game.

Antares 1

First Game of Antares

Terminator Community Endos

My alternate take on the famous Endo also featured in the community photos on the Warlord site and Terminator Facebook page, lovely little miniatures too!

Sam Endos (2)

Endo Skeletons from around the community

Soviet KV-85

These tanks feature in my other Bolt Action Russian army, and is easily one of my favorites!



The formidable German tank in all its glory!



Archer SP 17 pdr

This article focuses on the Archer, I do love my Bolt Action!

Archer rear



Continuing the series of tank articles, with the German Lynx.

2015-07-07 15.14.16


French Mountain Troops

In collaboration with Alessio Cavatore , this article provides you some history and great rules for using a reinforced platoon of Mountain Troops in your games of Bolt Action.

French Mountain Troops

Desert Rats

Since the latest release of the new Bolt Action book is sweeping the hobby world, I though this would be appropriately. A little history on the Desert Rats can't hurt!

Desert Rats Insignia

Desert Rats