Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Anvil Industys Tox Troopers

Once more I delve into the wonders that is Anvil Industys, this time looking at their Regiments Ranges, starting with the Tox Troopers. 

Fully encased in armour covered in tattered robes, but despite their disheveled appearance they are heavily armed. The details on these resin set is stunning as is always the case from Anvil.

 The only slight problem I encountered was attaching the miniatures to their bases, as the surface area on the feet is quite small. Despite this, the miniatures look great once cleaned up and when painted make for a very characterful set. 

As you can imagine theses will feature as part of my ever growing Nurgle army, making excellent Cultists or traitor guard, and would be perfect for games of Kill Team.

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