Tuesday, 8 March 2016

500pt Beyond the Gates of Antares Battle!

Concord Vs Boromites

First off, my computer is currently in the workshop for repairs, so my apologies for not posting much stuff up! In the meantime here is a small battle report to keep you all going, plus another article on a more historical level which will be up shortly.
Myself and Chris Horgan from House Lancaster Gaming Group in the UK decided to wage war in Antarean space, using the Boromites and Concord, with the Freeborn along for the ride.

For those who are new to the game, game utilises mainly D10s, and the Bolt Action order dice. Each unit generates an order dice, and are then placed into a bag,  each die is then drawn blind and the player whose coloured dice it is gets to activate one of their units. Once that unit has performed a relative action, another dice is drawn until all units have acted. This simple but effective mechanic means that you never know who will get the next vital move!

The game enables you to run, sprint, go to ground (Down) or even start a Firefight. So if your unit gets shot at and has no order dice attached to it, it can immediately fire back! Units can set ambushes or snap to cover and close quarter fighting is brutal!   Pin markers are also utilised in this game, with each unit gaining a pin from not just shooting, but other effects such as performing a Sprint action, this is to represent units becoming exhausted.

We opted to use the scenario Disputed Ground. The game limit was set to 600pts, with the Boromites coming just under. Chris opted to give the army the Pull Yourself Together special rule, meaning a Boromite unit can remove one pin marker from a single unit once, which could still be crucial in a turn. With the scenario all set and battle lines drawn, all that was left to do was wage war!


Turn 1: Chris managed to draw two dice in a row and proceeded to Sprint both the Boromite Overseer and a unit of Gang Fighters up into cover, giving them a better position to get to the objective. This managed to get them just inside the warehouse. Next the Concord, under the command of the Freeborn Captain, ordered the mercenary squad next to her up and into the warehouse. As part of a Commanders special ability, unit within range can perform the same order, as long as it doesn’t have a order and no pins.  The Boromites attempted a few shots at the plasma cannon, but failed to hit, unlike the plasmas cannon that promptly fired back, killing one!

The Concord C3 squads and Vardinari squad moved up and around the furthest building on the left flank, after spying the Boromites Gang Workers moving into a better position. The light plasma drone glided towards the main objective, firing off a volley of plasma at the Boromite light support, killing the last crewman and taking them out of the game!

Turn 2:

All dice where then placed back into the bag, removing one as a unit had been destroyed.  The Boromites wanted revenge and opened up with their mag weapons at the mercenary squad inside the building, pinning and killing one. The same mercenary’s drew the next dice and promptly fired back, killing one. The overseer and his bodyguard fired on the Freeborn Captain, re-rolling one To Hit dice due to the drone attached to his squad, managing to hit but failing to slay any.  The Freeborn Captain fired back, killing one of the Boromite Overseers body guards outright!

On the other side of the battlefield, the fight did not go well for the Boromites. The C3 strike squad had moved up and drawn a bead on the gang workers and with a -1 on the dice roll due to moving, yet still managed to kill three!  The light plasma drone moved onto the objective, simply to guard it from the oncoming infantry.

The Boromite squad lurking behind the building moves into the complex on the ground floor, opposite another building which is being cleared by an advancing Vardinari squad.

Turn 3:
The two units inside the building open up on each other, with the Boromites failing to kill any, whilst losing two of their number to mass plasma fire. The remaining gang workers are gunned down by the still advancing C3 squad, looking to capture the objective. The fight in the warehouse intensifies as another gang worker is killed, and the Boromite Overseer is slain by the Freeborn Captain’s compression carbine. The Boromite x launcher fires an explosive at the drone but fails to get through its tough armour.

The C3 squad move to capture the objective, after having survived sustained fire from the three remaining Boromite squad members in the building. The Vardinari squad see this and manage to kill another two, leaving a sole survivor.

Turn 4: The x launcher fires once more, hitting its mark, this time managing to place another couple of pin markers, bringing the total to five. The shot penetrates the armour and immobilises the drone! The shot was well placed, hitting the concord C3 squad as well, but due to the Hyper Light shielding (which gives a great benefit from Over Head shots) the squad manages to survive the blast.

The remaining Boromite from the command squad is finally brought down by the combined fire of the Freeborn command squad. With my C3 squads and Freeborn mercenaries clearing house, the Boromites loose off a few more rounds, but to no avail. With so much firepower now arranged against the few remaining Boromites, we decided to call the game there, with a resounding victory to the Concord and the Freeborn!

Hopefully this has sparked your interest for more! Beyond the Gates of Antares is gaining in popularity, and the miniatures have to been seen to really appreciate them. Remember everything is in a Beta stage, but with a great community at its core, Warlord’s know how and Rick Priestley behind the helm, this game can only get bigger and better!

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