Wednesday, 17 February 2016

House Lancaster Launch Event

So in a break from the usual articles, I though Id feature my local gaming group. House Lancaster Gaming Group meets fortnightly where all manner of board games, war games and card games are played each week. Our tastes are very broad, and to showcase this I put on a launch
event to entice new players into many different systems.

Beyond the Gates of Antares is one of my favourite game systems, and I wanted to showcase the game as best as possible! For this I brought along two forces made up from the Xilos Horizon starter set,

As well as this, a smaller demo game was also set aside, with two squads of Concord taking on two of the Ghar. In the first game the Ghar died on the second turn! Some very poor rolling on my part there!

Alongside this, a Judge Dredd table was set aside for those wishing to dispense street justice!  For the game, a 600pts Fatties gang went toe to belly wheel against the Justice Department, with the Judges holding their own (just) against several tons of blubber!

Hawk Wargames was also on show in the form of Dropzone Commander, with two impressive forces fighting over a vast cityscape.

 As well as games of 40k, Terminator, Mars Attacks and Batman: The Miniatures Game, the night was a great success, with more member’s joining the group, and instilling a real sense of diversity or game systames within the group. Our next aim is to put on a few demonstration games at the Lancaster comic Con (link here), including one massive themed table, participation games and a Tank War battle royal!

More information on House Lancaster can be found on our Facebook page

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