Monday, 18 April 2016

Salute 2016

This was the first time attending the event, and was something I was looking forward to! I was most fortunate to travel down with Warlord Games, (thanks to Andrew Chesney!), I was tasked with manning the Antares table for the day, running demo games for those who wished to know more.

The two tables were built to represent habitation domes either on the surface of a starship, or on a barren planet. The two games featured many bespoke pieces of terrain, all done by Richard Carlisle of Warlord,including a large skeleton of some gigantic creature (or office rat!). Sarissa Precision provided the buildings and impressive dome! 

Floating around the boards was the latest addition to the Antares range. The new C3M4 Combat Drone plastic kit really does herald the way things will go in Antares. The vehicle is used by the Concord and Freeborn forces and was a popular item on the day! Full review is due soon.

Among all the shiny goodness that Warlord had to offer was the magnificent looking Project Z game, which at £30 a pop, was selling fast!  Watch this space for a battle report or two!

As well as the Conflict 47 rules coming from Clockwork Goblin and Warlord, they had on show a number of impending releases as well as some of their current products, this a game that I cannot wait to get into, in fact I bought some stuff there and then!

Alongside the Antares table was a decent sized game of Tanks Wars, which ran for most of the day.

I did manage to get a few minutes to myself and went off to see what I could find. For those who have not been before, the event is truly massive.  Over 14,000 square feet and over 150 traders, it is the place to be!

Aside from running off to purchase some shiny goodies, I went to check out the Hawk Wargames stand, where they had their immense display. Cannot wait for Dropfleet to hit the shops! Their event only items sold out within minutes of opening!

Moving further about, I discovered the guys at 4Ground. The Gotham themed buildings looked amazing, and I will be grabbing some for a future Batman article! The Flames of War scale scenery was spot on, and cannot wait for more releases from their sci-fi range, great for Antares, 40k and many other systems.

I also managed to get a glimpse of the forthcoming Halo: Ground Command from Spartan Games, this looks set to be a great system to get into, and with these guys behind it, is set for big things! The miniatures are stunning, and I cannot wait to get a game in!

It was great to catch up (in real life) with fellow hobbyists and friends, and pretty much geek out about this wonderful industry!

Salute 2016 was amazing, and though I would have liked to seen more, it was a blast! The event is so big that you would be hard-pressed to see everything, but I do urge you all to go.

 Thanks to all at Warlord for the opportunity and it was a fantastic experience...bring on next year!

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